Truth & Death

What motivates a man to confront the challenges that most of us to run from?
Condemning to solitude, exposing to defeat and death?
The answer…is love.
The force so powerful that all reason becomes blind to it. Blind to all things…even the truth.
Loss of love can make a man desperate… Desperate enough to do anything to bury the truth, to hide from its pain.


FTP server to PS3 Guide [PS3 FTP使用引导]

因back manager暂且只能支持FAT32格式的外置硬盘(虽说BM v1.1会得到NTFC的支持)。所以当单独文件大于4G时,这里就需要到FTP server将文件传至PS3的内不硬盘。









ps3 jailbreaking [ps3破解]

  • prepration:
    a sony playstation 3 console with fw 3.41
    a ps3 playable disc(demo disc also works)
    a ps3 usb jailbreak key
    a backup maneger.pkg script
    a internal HDD storage or external USB storage(a downloaded game whitch already copied into HDD root folder called gamez)
  • Tuto:
    disconnect internet, better just del the netwok connection in ps3 setups
    poweroff ps3, that means unplug power cord
    Plugin jailbreak usb key into your ps3 console, press eject button to turn on the concole, see pic below the usb key with green led light means on jailbreaking… while incase that shows the red light than you have to go back follow the steps.
    on jailbreaking
    insert a plable game disc(hereby is godwar 1+2)
    run backup manager
    into the backup manager, select the game you have copied in your storage HDD(hereby is Demon’s Souls)
    herewe go than we see godwar1+2 disc icon is turned into Deamon’s Souls
    you will notice it’s very fast loading ha! prob 3X faster than BD disc reading
    enjoy! incase sony blocking the 3.41 FW, i’ll upload here than.
    pls remember during jailbreaking, do not connecting any internet Wifi+cable, just displug the cable, cause sony will know your activities, and will shutdown your console for sure, like microsoft ban your machines.
  • PS: if you guys are using routers here is the better way, go set your router to banning certain(PS3) MAC address only for internet access(router mac address setup is based on different brand so it’s hard to say where and howto, pls just read your router manual, but basiclly dir is under firewall-mac address setting).
    if you don;t know your ps3 mac address pls go to ps3 concole under setup cross and info.
    the benefit will be to share your ps3 as a ftp server(which is eazier for internal HDD users to transfer files with pc), and dumpping ps3 games to share on the net (hints: but for now the only way to reading ps3 blu-ray disc is the ps3 console, don;t expect any other blu-ray drivers will read and dump iso image, case all ps3 bd disc is coded).
    and another benifit for the furture i guess will be upnp media play of h264, it’s so popular anyway! and maybe a blu-ray movie with iso image, the furture is bright.
    happy day! buzy day!

shanghai expo impression p1 [世博印象part.1]

lucky me, this is pvip card! yeah with this you don;t need to sit and wait any longer, a greenpass to allmost every pavilion expect china pavilion and due to limited time the schedule does not licludes.
the 1st impression is each nation’s pavilion is just about their historical show, a histry lesson ha or a histry expo.
from 9am to 3pm i was visted around 10 pavilion, here is the suggestion of mine:
the most impressive pavilion i would recommend for you guys is to take a look of Pavilion of Footprint, i would say this is only one that you cannot miss the show. it’s essenssional of every humanity civilizations.
the most worst pavilion for me is China State Shipbuilding Corporation Pavilion, why? shipbuilding is pollution, wastes and low cast manpower, i only want to say don;t burn everything that we have left, what do me have left for our kids…
and Better Life from JAPAN is just about selling their tech, a nation needs guide to the temple of gold, and one thing is for sure we are not! and we never will!
due to 1080p h.264 large stream and youtube is banned by our great wall, i could only share a little screenshot from it. omg! f*** me! i’ll keep updating sometime somehow!

ps. from nowon any my personal issues will not post on this blog, pls move to my

the making of blu-ray iso disc guides [蓝光原盘iso制作指南]

hereby is the quickest way of creating a iso format blu-ray disc, that powerdvd 9/10/mark II or latest totalmedia thearter 3 (which is .185 version currently) could possiblely recognize it and a perfect playback.
although there is many ways of doing this, here is the one that i recomemded, please follow the guide below!

1. imgburn (latest version)
2. virtual clone disc or daemon tools for iso disc mount
3. blu-ray dir tree (.vbs script) or a complete BDROM.rar structure
4. a blu-ray disc player (Totalmedia Thearter 3 / PowerDVD 9 / PowerDVD 10 3D / PowerDVD 10 3D Mark II / Corel WinDVD Pro 2010), any players above would do

1. use blu-ray.vbs to create a fully complete blu-ray dir tree.

2. open imgburn chose create image file from files/folders.1

3. drag BDMV and CERTIFICATE folders to the source section or use the explorer to add, setup the desination direction with ***.iso format names, in option tab –> file system pls chose UDF, UDF revision select 2.50 (cause all blu-ray disc is UDF 2.5 for sure).

4. add UDF label which is blu-ray disc name with 63 max characters , and than click build icon.

5. waits.

6. mount your ***.iso files than you got yourself a goal

lifehouse v2.0 updates

color is still pending, all lights are not mounted, causing the carbinet very dark, anyway here it is

lhv2.0lhv2.0 stairwayviewlh v2.0 3lh v2.0 4lh v2.0 5lh v2.0 6lh v2.0 7lh v2.0 8lh v2.0 9lh v2.0 10lh v2.0 11

Eagle Eye 鹰眼原盘DIY特效简繁中字